Friday, September 2, 2011

1 Give Electronics A Proper Place: Finally give into your husband and invest in a flat panel TV. The objective is to keep electronics off the ground (i.e. those horrendous wires) and incorporate them into the design
2 Keep It Open: This should be your new mantra, "declutter, declutter, declutter"
3 Use Geometry: Harken back to your high school days and always keep in mind the lines. Symmetry is the key here!
4 Pick The Right Accessories: Adding texture is SO important. Everything should be a similar colour but throw in some cable knit, faux fur or satin in addition to your normal cotton pillow treatments.
5 Use One Key Colour: You need something to tie the entire room together and must times it is done by picking one key neutral color. Then add one vibrant splash of colour like the hot pink from the orchids seen in the photo above. 
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